4 comments for “Ozy And Millie: A plan is hatched

  1. “Powerful adults”, yes, ones whose names rhyme with ” tush”, “zany”, “bums yelled” and….um…damn it, nothing rhymes with Wolfowitz.

    • Words and phrases that rhyme with witz: (107 results)

      1 syllable:
      bits, bitts, bitz, blitz, brits, britts, britz, chits, clits, critz, fits, fitts, fitz, flits, frits, fritts, fritz, fyttes, gets, glitz, grits, gritz, hits, hitz, hritz, it’s, its, kits, kitts, kitz, klitz, knits, kritz, lits, litts, litz, mitts, nitz, pits, pitt’s, pitts, pitz, pritts, pritz, qubits, quits, ritt’s, ritts, ritz, schlitz, schmidt’s, schmitz, schnitz, shits, sits, sitts, sitz, skits, slits, smits, snits, spits, spitz, splits, sprits, spritz, squits, stitz, switz, tritz, twits, whits, wit’s, wits, witts, writs

      2 syllables:
      acquits, admits, ad blitz, armpits, befits, berlitz, cockpits, commits, emits, misfits, moritz, obits, omits, outfits, outwits, ovitz, permits, rosewicz, saint kitts, submits, the pits, transmits

      3 syllables:
      counterfeits, dershowitz, hypocrites, retrofits, safety blitz, syndicats

      4 syllables:
      battle of wits, hominy grits, sophisticates

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