8 comments for “Ozy and Millie: False advertising

  1. I wonder how much that Snickers bar would have cost back then. A regular-size bar was around $0.59, and king-size about a buck, right? And on Amazon now, 20 pounds of Fun Size Snickers was just north of $150. A 1-pound bar is $15 there.

    Working things out in my head, I’m guessing somewhere around $30-50 for a single 20-pound novelty bar, assuming Mars, Inc. even made them.

    Now… how much for one the weight of its namesake?

  2. I’ve just read a biography of Charles Schulz, and when his comic became popular, one of the first things his characters advertised was for Ford, the carmaker. But then Peanuts was not really intended to be a children’s comic.

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