Ozy And Millie: His proper title

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

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      • One does not have to be royalty, much less a monarch, to have a numerical suffix! The 19th just means that 18 of his male forebears were named Llewellyn (and apparently living in England). The relatinonship gets a name (junior) only if the two males are father and son; if at least one generation is skipped at the beginning, the junior of the pair is “the second” (II). I’m Adelaide the fourth (IV)!

        • I affixed “The second” to my name once. I never use it, it’s just there because my grandma had the same name I do.

          • I don’t use the number either other than in certain conversations (“What an unusual name! how did you come by it?” “It’s a family name, I’m –“.)

  1. I am so glad I wasn’t drinking when I read this one! I love his title (hmm does this mean Ozy has some sort of title as well?)

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