Ozy And Millie: Grave peril

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out correction in panel 2.

  13 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Grave peril

  1. This has gotten soooooo old. No, you don’t like Republicans, or at least stupid caricatures of Republicans. We get it. Now can you please stick to making fun of them in your political comic instead of bashing them every chance you get in this one?

    But then, I am quite literally speaking on deaf ears.

    Still, your constant bashing of Republicans and conservatives stopped being funny a while ago.

    • Okay, seriously… This particular strip was written over TEN years ago. The comic as a whole stopped being published five years ago. Stop freaking complaining already. Dana is not going to go back and change 10+ year old comic strips because you are irritated. If it bothers you that much, stop reading them instead of whining on every comic that irritates you. Geez.

    • I invite you to consider the political climate of the time this comic was drawn: George W. Bush — a man whom even I, a card-carrying Republican for the past 28 years, must admit was not the most stellar of our presidents — had gotten us involved in two ground wars in two different, sovereign nations for reasons which even at the time looked rather flimsy, and a Republican-run House and Senate were both giving him carte-blanche to continue war-hawking and pissing off some of our closest allies in the process. There is nothing in being a conservative that automatically grants one the moral high-ground, and this is a life-long conservative pointing this fact out to you. If having that fact pointed out to you with the gentle humor of a cartoonist relating stories about ten-year-olds offends you, then perhaps you are reading the wrong archive.

    • You keep saying that kind of thing, but I think you’re being a bit extreme, since nobody else I’ve seen in the comments has expressed any sort of agreement. The Republican party around the time this comic was made was far from great, and I think you’re being a bit overly defensive about them. If it bugs you enough that you’re going to complain on every single comic made years and years ago, when you (hopefully) know that it’s not going to be changed, you should just stop reading.

      Really, though, if you don’t like comics that make fun of Bush and Republicans, you might have a hard time finding many. Save for ones set in another time or serious ones, I don’t think there are basically any that haven’t ever made this sort of joke.

    • Considering the Patriot Act passed because republicans thought it was good for us meeans Dana pretty much nailed this one. (btw I’m about as conservitive as they get)

    • I don’t think anyone here has anything wrong with their hearing. And you’re not speaking, you’re posting a comment.

  2. I’m fairly liberal. Personally, I hate the Democratic leadership, but I also hate the Republican leadership and their politics. Its also always struck me as weird how our two main parties both have completely meaningless names. I mean, most of politics itself is using as many words as possible to say as little as possible, but one would think (if one were to think at all, which I rather doubt most politicians do much) that the names of the parties would be the exception. At the very least, the two groups best known for the fact that they don’t agree on anything should not have names that are synonyms.

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