Ozy And Millie: Glass castle

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

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  1. Physics. Let me at ’em. In any case, glass manufacture takes time for it to melt and mold – not to mention cleaning…

      • I think flash glass is a thing. Lightning has been known to produce glass when it strikes on the beach – oddly, they usually form in tubes.

        • Also, flash glass was supposedly made once by the engines of a UFO that was taking off, so dragon fire making flash glass, ya I could happen.

  2. This is a world where dragons exist, and rabbits play football, and the weather changes quickly and suddenly with perfect timing. I thinkmwe can suspend our disbelief of this glass thing.

    • There was a king who lived not in a castle, but in a grass hut. He was a great king and so one year, his subjects thanked him by building him a new throne. He accepted the gift, and moved his old throne onto the roof, because it was the closest thing he had to an attic. But since grass is not a very strong building material, the house collapsed.

      Those who live in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones.

    • It practically is indestructible if it’s thick enough. If that glass castle is all one solid object with no open spots inside, it’s durable to the extreme.

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