Ozy And Millie: A shared cultural moment

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

  13 comments for “Ozy And Millie: A shared cultural moment

    • It’s ironic that they do – right after Millie did something that should’ve made Felicia hate her forever.

      • Thanks for spoiling it for everyone, genius. I hate when people like you do that. Does it ever occur to you that you’re not talking to people who have read the whole dammed thing like you obviously have? Grow a brain and be considerate of others.

        • The thing is, Millie does things that make Felicia hate her, and vice-versa, on a weekly basis. Which one effects them the opposite way? Makes ya think, huh? I’ve never read the full comic either, though I do know some of what leads up to the “end” of the comic.
          Not that I don’t agree, mind you. I hate spoilers, despite having one on my car…..
          Please don’t bite spoilers’ heads off, folks, it makes a mess Millie would be concerned about……

        • I’ll admit that spoilers are annoying, and I won’t blame anyone for wanting to avoid them, but the comment section didn’t exist until after the entire comic was published. Plus, it has been a decade, I think that’s a reasonable cut off point. It’s kind of like being in the 90’s and getting upset that someone told you that Darth Vader is Luke’s father.

          • But Ozy and Millie is more obscure than Star Wars (wish it were not so, but still…). As for me, I read the strips when they originally came out and am rereading them for the first time now. I don’t remember all of them (like the strip mentioned above, which I will now look forward to).

          • I agree that avoiding the comments on your first read through of a comic is a good idea, but people really shouldn’t post spoilers at all.

          • I read the comments even during my first read through, once I noticed how they can amplify the strip itself. However, I didn’t add any of my own until the second — didn’t feel worthy.

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