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  1. “Order of the Phoenix” is my favourite one.
    I remember when it first came out, things were crazy! Actually…

    Is Harry Potter a human in their books or an animal?

    I mean they mention real people, but never show them so either humans exist but they aren’t important enough to show in the comic itself (As well as avoiding copyrighted images) or they’re all animals that just happen to be alike in every way except for appearance.

  2. It would be cool to see all the characters as animals, but that takes away some of the fun of the Patroni (is that the correct plural of Patronus? Sorry, O haven’t read them in a while).

  3. For harry potter, my record is only two books in one day.
    I also finished the LoTR in one day.
    My record for number of 300-600 page books is currently 13 in one day.
    All-nighters only for the last two.

  4. The “real people” are also animals. McCarthy appeared in one of Llewellyn’s flashbacks as an animal.

  5. Heh. I don’t remember how exactly much that book has taken me, but by the number of pages I estimate that it would take me about two to three hours.

    It’s sad when books are so short for you )=

  6. I know that on a few occasions I’ve made the mistake of trying to read myself to sleep with books by Brandon Sanderson. Let me tell you (as is you actually have a choice) that if you are a fan of his writing style, that that is like trying to put out a fire with white phosphorus.

  7. They quoted Voldemorts philosophy saying the books endorse that sort of thing. That’s like taking a video of someone saying “I don’t think X” and editing out “I don’t think”

    • You could probably train yourself to do so if you wanted to; it’s an acquired skill not an inborn talent. And of course how fast one reads something depends
      on what the “something” is!

  8. Actually the worst for this is the early Terry Pratchetts, as in “I will just finish this chapter then sleep” and they HAVE no chapters!

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