12 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Relative evil

  1. I gotta say i agree with Avery, Heck I find the clown from the movie IT to be significantly less scary than Barney.

  2. The CIA confirmed having used the “I Love You” song for psychological torture. That should be all you need to know. Then again, the military once used the dying Predator scream as well. Opposite but equal ends of the sound spectrum?

    • Those sound like some fairly decent choices, personally I had thought of using “The Song That Never Ends” or “It’s A Small World” as torture.

      • I actually like both “Never Ends” and “It’s a Small World.” However, I see how a few hours would get very old lol

  3. As long as Barney is on the table, I should mention that I always thought he looked more pink then purple. Just a weird thing that I think.

  4. Stranger Danger is way over blown, and Actual HARMFUL to children as it hurts there ability to make firends.

    And before you pull the pedophile card like that, the fraction of Child Molstors that are Stangers is extremely small the Vast majority of Child Molestors are Family Members then followed by Adults that the Parents place in charge of the Children.

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