Ozy And Millie: %*?”@&,$#!

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

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  1. In a comic called 1/0, at one point all but one of the characters could see through the fourth wall. One of the seeing characters took it upon himself to convince the non-seer that their world was actually a comic strip. After a while, he tried to use the censor symbols as proof of that. Then he realized: “Wait, can you see those or…”, and the other one, eyes wide, says, “Ooh, potty mouth…”

    • memorizing what they’re named, not the order (percent, asterisk,… etc). Ampersand would need an explanation and pronunciation guide

    • Said like that, it reminds me of the famous “non-swears” words of Captain Haddock.
      “miserable molecule of mildew!”

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