9 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Complexities of copyright

    • What you mean? bunny have punctuation.
      Does anyone remember whether Isolde talks in that fancy font?

      • He means “capitalisation.” I ‘spose that could be considered to be under the umbrella of “punctuation” in the sense of “writing correctly.” Neither of them are speaking grammatically.

    • Could just be obsidian carved into the shape of sunglasses. It would actually be more like a blindfold in that case.

      • Not if they were slitted in the manner of Inuit snow goggles.

        Black slits in black obsidian would be hard to discern on the page/screen, and look pretty much like what we see here. And actually function as sunglasses!

        Of course the simpler explanation is Rule Of Funny.

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