Ozy And Millie: Weapons of mass destruction

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out correction in panel 2.

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  1. Ozy, it did come into your possession for a minuscule period of time before its inevitable explosion. Therefore, it was yours, and if it was previously for sale at an unspecified price, then it is Millie’s right to charge you whatever she wants for it. Also, Abe Lincoln owes John Wilkes Booth about 1/3 of a cent (the price at the time of a Derringer bullet) plus interest.
    *voice drips with sarcasm*

    • And everyone who has has their crops contaminated with Monstanto’s GMO pollen is guilty of theft, of course.

      • Yeah, right. It’s funny how the guy they went after just happened to get his crop “contaminated” in perfectly neat rows. That’s one very orderly wind.

      • nope. At an average interest rate of 5%- which is about the long-term trend, and if it isn’t, it’s high, not low- it doubles every 20 years. so it’s 2^5 bigger, or 32 times bigger (including compound interest) so it works out at about $11 today.

  2. well… we realized Iraq had no WMD, and then found the degraded and unusable stuff from the war that put the Iraqi leadership in power that predated the first Bush’s war and which came from, um, us, (oops) and the media announced that in 2014 (it had been in unclassified military records so the best reason for that is “the reporters who saw they’d been found realized it meant nothing”), and some people thought it meant George W Bush was right. I’ve taken a nap since the post on yesterday’s comic and read that through. I’m making as much sense as possible on the topic.

    • to be fair, IIRC it turned out that an actual iraqi had claimed- falsely, as it turns out- that Saddam had restarted his WMD programs- and Saddam certainly wasn’t exactly bending over himself to co-operate with attempts to verify it. My personal theory is it was a combination of the US looking for an excuse to invade, a fake defector looking to capitalise on it, and I think Saddam may have been trying to do some North Korea-style brinksmanship as well on top of that, underestimating what would happen. (remember in the first Gulf War, they just kicked him out of Kuwait. I suspect he was arrogant enough to think they wouldn’t dare actually unseat him.)

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