Ozy And Millie: Closure

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out corrections in panels 1 and 3.

  13 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Closure

  1. Okay, I noticed something. Check out the third comic, they were exactly the same height.

    He’s now about an inch taller, growth spurt! 🙂

  2. I think you’re miss-seeing something. In every panel Ozy’s shoulders and nose are both at least an inch higher than Millie’s. Where are you looking to compare?

  3. Yes, he is much taller now, but that might be because he and Millie are older and boys tend to be taller when they mature, or because of the gradual change of the art style over the years.

  4. Shouldn’t she have at least tried to cheer for Felica? I mean that was a school-wide event, which means Felica was the representative for there school ergo she was the best at spelling in the fifth grade of that school and if she misspelled her own name, what does that portray to the other schools?

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