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  1. Seriously like I was trying to say a few comics back. Most mature kid ever!

    I swear, I have never seen a more mature kid in all of fiction.

        • Ender is better at understanding and considering others. Bean is smart, but too openly self-interested, and is really bad at holding things back when they need to be held back.

          • But, Ender also can’t understand himself. At all. Major point of conflict in the later books, if I remember correctly.

          • Bean is more intelligent, but Ender has more empathy, which combined with his own incredible intellect allowed him to gain a better understanding of how the buggers thought and how to defeat them. Also, he wasn’t unsually mature, at least when he was that age. Recall that while Bean was willing to settle for just humiliating defeat, Ender deliberately killed his enemy after he had gained the upper hand. Not to say that he didn’t deserve death, but it was still not something that an unusually mature person would do.

    • Did you accidentally post that comment on the wrong page? Or was it intended to be a reply? Because I can’t think of anything this strip or comments might apply to Isolde. (Oh, that’s me!)
      If you’re talking about maturity, Isolde is far from mature. I refer you to a previous comic in which she (I?) mentioned kicking “zen butt”.

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