Ozy And Millie: C-H-O-K-E

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out corrections in panels 1, 2, and 4. Pasted-in correction in panel 4.

  16 comments for “Ozy And Millie: C-H-O-K-E

  1. I think they’re in the fifth grade by now… and I remember some of the words we did back then being pretty dang long, they save the hard ones for the end.

  2. I remember getting out on “ostentatious” at Regionals when I wasn’t much older than Millie. I spelled it “austentatious” and got buzzed out. I wasn’t too happy.

  3. Even though I hate Felicia. hats off to her: she spelled the longest word in the english dictionary.

  4. This made me have a flashback to third grade. Our elementary school bee had 3rd to 5th graders, and I made the final two with a chance to win. I botched it.

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