Ozy And Millie: All-nighter

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: Pasted- and taped-in corrections in panels 3 and 4. White-out corrections in all panels.

  4 comments for “Ozy And Millie: All-nighter

  1. There was a later arch where it took her an entire 26 days to read through the dictionary. Anyone have a comment on that?

    • Well, I don’t recall the later incident, but if she was reading it fully, that includes the definitions. Here she’s only interested in the spellings.

      Also, ‘going over’ doesn’t necessarily mean reading every word, only those that both (a) she thinks will be likely words to encounter in the spelling bee, and (b) she isn’t already confident she can spell perfectly.

  2. Once we came back from Christmas vacation and all found out we had the text of Andersonville assigned reading. The teacher still went ahead with the test on Friday. Everybody had to stay up all night for four nights straight reading it.
    I did not hallucinate, although towards the end I had a ten second spell of illiteracy (I could see the letters, but not read them).

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