14 comments for “Ozy And Millie: People in the abstract vs individual people

  1. I love that her way to allay his fears is not to say that she didn’t mean him, but to point out that she owned no socks.

  2. But what about the single solitary sock that she put on her nose several times (and was seen on her bed at least once)? Maybe she lost it, or set it on fire.

  3. So she doesn’t have that much of a problem with Felica, otherwise she would have developed a way to deal guys and girls. Like in Mr Deeds, “Where you aiming? I ain’t got no balls dummy.”

    • I can assure you that a sock full of change anywhere on the body is excruciating. Also, it hurts differently, but I can also say that females have plenty of nerve endings to hit in the groin. Bicycle, unmarked speed hump. It is different pain, I’m sure, and impossible to say which hurts worse, but it is pleasant for neither set of genitalia.

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