Ozy And Millie: Difficult questions

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: Heavy white out corrections, especially in the past panel where Ozy was drawn with his hat, then redrawn without it.

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      • No, he’s referring to vehicle road tax. Which is often scaled by size of vehicle. Maybe calling something “mini” gets it off the dealer’s lot before its new owner discovers just how much road tax he’s going to have to pay?

        • The odds that you’re ever coming back to see this are slim, but remember that this was in the early 21st century *in the USA*.

          We didn’t /have/ a “road tax” based merely on the size of the vehicle. What we had was a “registration fee” based largely off the *resale value*, as well as its age.

          I *guess* you might be able to call gas taxes a “road tax”, but most minivans got better mileage than anything else whose maximum number of *comfortable* occupants was “anything other than exactly four”. There were a few four-cylinder fun-cars like my Matrix XRS that could outrun and out-efficiency a Siena or a (non-Grand) Caravan, but most vehicles of the time could at most manage one of those

          • Geeze, lighten up, Chrysicat! How vehicles are taxed is determined state by state in the US (or was when I lived there).

  1. Millie already asked this question, but I will reiterate: Why do they call really small candy bars “fun size”?

  2. Early mini-vans were significantly smaller than full-sized vans. Of course, full-sized vans have now pretty much disappeared outside of commercial use, and mini-vans got noticeably bigger before being mostly displaced by sport-utes.

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