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  1. These comics make me feel extremely uninformed. In doing so, they also help to learn new things that I can then confuse my friends with. I’m not sure whether to be offended or grateful.

    • Never be offended where no offence was meant. You’ll just look like a twit to everyone else. Take the opportunity to learn something new, and pass on the knowledge to others. The world will be a better place for it.

    • A) She’s looking up (to accentuate the sarcasm) and B She’s a raccoon; her face, unlike ours, isn’t flat

    • Damn, You ruined my pun. Though I would have phrased it:
      To enjoy that kind of pun one needs a lot of schaden-Freud.

  2. One of the few times so far that I’ve honestly not gotten the joke at all. Probably because I was 10 when this was made.

    • If you don’t get it now, Carl Jung was a famous early psychologist. His famous idea was that all humans share a collective pool of ancestral memory, and that this is reflected in the common elements of storytelling. If you’re interested his ideas, look up a book called The Hero With A Thousand Faces, which discusses the patterns almost universally in stories featuring a hero. Ironically, almost nothing he did has anything to do with psychotherapy.

    • Soon the progressives will demand taxpayer money to hire psychiatrists to achieve grade-school parity. And of course they’ll have to find mental trauma to justify their jobs…

      • Well, all they’d need to do is look at the children of conservatives. No end of trauma there.

      • Ah, Conservatively speaking helping is bad.
        Progressively helping is good.

        Yet a Conservative never refused help. Just doesn’t “think” it should be there for others.

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