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  1. I dunno, when the strip starts Millie is eight, but in the cast page she’s listed as ten. That changed, apparently.

    • It happened in the middle of 2000. Right about the same time dana started drawing the characters with more anatomically correct noses.

  2. The result of the “Status Quo is God” trope, best known as a staple of sitcoms so any sudden, major character progression is reset by the end of the episode such that any episode would be able to run in nearly any order without risking story line elements not lining up in reruns and syndication.

  3. Eh, the comic doesn’t completely follow that. But yeah.

    Kind of disappointed by Millie’s shallowness right now.

    • Well, it’s nice to be liked, and for a second, Millie was liked by more people than she normally was, so I can imagine she’s at least a little hurt.

    • Millie isn’t shallow at all, or she would have changed her outfit to match Felicia’s. Liking not being bullied is not a sign of shallowness, it’s a sign of being connected with reality at least a little bit.

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