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    • Legendary scientist. Most known for writing a book called “A Brief History of Time”. Recently co-wrote a new book, the name of which escapes me. It does controversially claim that there is no reason to believe God exists, so he’s been in the news for that. He’s also had ALS for many years now and so is confined completely to a wheelchair. He communicates with a robot voice, essentially.

  1. Hawking received his second Nobel prize for contradicting the thesis of Hawking’s first Nobel prize … but his relationship to deities and the Catholic church have been tempered by his admission that a creator could well have set up the conditions for the Big Bang; there is no evidence either way …

    • The problem is that religion and science have a different fundamental understanding of what “there is no evidence either way” means.

      For the religious, it means that believing it to be true is a matter of Faith, and there’s an end to it.
      For scientists, “no evidence either way — and no way to obtain any evidence — means that a statement is unfalsifiable and that therefore there’s no point in discussing it until such time as a way to test it can be devised.

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