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  1. When you get right down to it, it’s not the strangest thing that has ever happened to Llewellyn.

    • That’s probably because I remember being taught not to use partially-filled fire extinguishers (the logic being you can’t know in a hurry if the extinguisher is full enough to not run out partway through) so preventing you from shutting off the extinguisher helps encourage you to keep them full- plus it’s actually simpler mechanically to design a reliable single-use extinguisher than one that can be reused, for basically no benefit.

      • You are correct that it is paramount to refill/replace an used extinguisher, but I have never heard of a single use fire extinguisher and I do have training on the subject. The benefits of being able to control the valve include conserving the already small amount of powder/foam/gas, using it on multiple targets and quite importantly being able to aim and adjust the aim repeatedly.

    • My chemistry teacher used to do that. He stopped after the year he found out the hard way that they’d switched from CO2 to foam.

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