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    • Well, sometimes they glitter, and at least one is a fox … Now I wonder if TV Tropes has “Our dragons are different”. Yep, and Big LL is on there, as he should be 🙂

      • One of the best things about dragons is that, being mythical, you can make them whatever you want them to be. Same’s true of other mythical creatures; it’s been said that there were no female unicorns until Peter S. Beagle wrote The Last Unicorn.

        • Well, there is that one fox/dragon professor Isolde talks to before she tries to turn Ozzy’s life into a nature documentary. Nothing states that there’s a direct relation to Ozzy, but it opens the possibility. (Mostly I just hate absolute statements)

          • The fox-like look of that dragon was because he was modeled after the animated version of Smaug.

  1. I just realized the markings on LLewellyn are his scales. For some time I thought he was just being a dirty old dragon. 🙂

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