Ozy And Millie: Dragon holiday rituals

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out in panels 1 and 4, ink smudge in the bottom left margin.

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    • Just say thank Dawkins, or he will banish you to hell. Praise mighty Richard Dawkins, spouse of someone who was in Doctor who.

    • I am curious what country you live in, though I know I will probably never learn it from you by the simple timing of my comment. To all those disparaging religion, particularly the Christian one, remember that what is taught is peace, what is screwed up and angry are people. Christians are taught to love their neighbor, hate comes from the hearts of people who want to create an us-or-them mindset. Just a thought for any future people who read these comments to consider.

      • Every time someone I care about is being denied basic civil rights, it’s by someone who says it has to be that way because Christianity demands it. Christianity is held out as why we can’t have everything from transgender rights to decent welfare programs for the poor. I wish I could have a higher opinion of Christianity, but as long as its leaders are bent on trying to negatively impact the lives of me and mine, I’m going to see it as a negative force in the world.

  1. It just struck me: medieval dragons would find vats of boiling oil extremely useful at keeping invaders out of their lairs/castles. It’s totally flammable.

  2. 1) Didn’t LLewellyn say he got rid of those vats of boiling oil?
    2) Is there alcohol in those flaming drinks?
    3) Can I have some (drinks, not boiling oil)?

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