Ozy And Millie: Reality television

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out in panel 2.

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  1. He DOES have a dad after all. This whole time I’ve only seen one parent for each kid. (I don’t know if Locke counts since they were never married)

    • Locke is still Millie’s dad… I just realized Millie is a bastard, FIY: Bastard means born to unmarried parents. P.S I mean never married to each other, Divorce does not count.

      • it gets slightly more complicated, actually. When it mattered- and the official term was illegitimate, incidentally, bastard was merely the term in common parlance- illegitimate was parents were unmarried at birth, and never married. Legitimized was where your parents married after you were born- in general, this was considered more-or-less as good as being born after your parents married. Legitimate is being born during your parents’ marriage. (that is, while your parents are married. Though presumably any kid born during the ceremony would be considered legitimate.

        There is one exception to the rule about parents marrying later being just as good. inheritance of the throne. Basically, no kid born illegitimate can inherit the throne of the United Kingdom- and yes, i think the rule still exists- this is because when the succession laws were first drawn up, the only way to be 100% sure the kid of the queen was also the kid of the King was if there was no other option. (it’s also why women traditionally had to be virgins on their wedding night- if she is clearly a virgin before marriage, any kid has to be that of her husband)

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