Ozy And Millie: School or prison

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out in panel 3.

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  1. Wut? I was in jail for a short stint, and they took our mug shots individually and I was allowed to have whatever expression on my face I wanted.

  2. I remember when I was in sixth grade they took my photo a few times because my glasses were reflecting light until they made me remove them.

    • I’m (almost) blind without my glasses, so last time they made me do that…
      “Look at the yellow dot.”
      “What yellow dot?”
      “…forget it, just look at the camera”
      “Where’s the camera?”
      “Just look where I’m pointing!”
      “If I can’t see the camera, do you expect me to see your finger?”
      My parents told me I looked ‘lost’ in that photo.

      • Ah, the hallmark of a photographer who either doesn’t know how or doesn’t have time to compensate for the glare the flash bounces off of glasses.

  3. High school senior photo- got in, got a great facial look. But the lighting was set up for something or another that they did before I came in, not a portrait. So my senior photo is well lit but unlike the first time, when they got me talking and chatting, they didn’t do anything but sit me down and cardboard cutouts look more animated

  4. I remember my school didn’t care what the photos looked like… we could wear whatever we darn well pleased, and the photographer didn’t even look twice, just *click* “thank you, next.”

    It wasn’t until later that we learned that clever use of the many switches on the camera as each child approached had given her the opportunity to take her revenge for some of the more outlandish faces. XD

  5. I had one really good school photography occasion, the one for my senior year and all females had to wear a white ruff of gauze around the neck and show collarbones. The photographer saw something about my facial bones that no one had noticed before and took at least five minutes getting me into the best position. I actually look lovely in that photo! Not something I ever experienced in real life.

    • In elementary school they did not care if you had food on your face or dirt on your clothes so I had a lot of bad pictures. But then, one year they actually let my mom have input (this was during orientation) and it was actually a good picture.

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