Ozy And Millie: “Stupid” is relative

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    • Eminem, alias of one Marshall Mathers, is actually quite pale, and claims Saxon ancestry. He often brags about being something OTHER than an African-American.
      HENCE, the stupidity is magnified only by Avery’s law, which states everything is 2.135 times more stupid when done within 25 metres of Avery.

    • Eminem is white. Eminem is very white. Eminem was the quintessential white rapper of the early ’00s. Many people agree that him being one of a very few white rappers is a big part of why he got so popular as he was more relatable to the burgeoning white boy wanna-be-gangstah’ demographic (well, that and racism).

  1. No, his ears are the wrong color and shape, his hair isnt anywhere near long enough for a ponytail, and if this were in color he would need to have mentioned that he dyed himself orange. if anything, he looks more like Ozy now.

    Thank you for saying something stupid so that I could blow off the steam from above.

  2. If you know enough about what color the different parts of a racoon are supposed to be, you’ll realize he put the bleach on his whole body.

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