Ozy And Millie: Soul risks

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out corrections in panel 4.

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  1. How could that be discredited? It’s not possible (at least not yet) for Science to prove anything about souls, even less its interaction with photography.

    • She didn’t say it was disproved. Just discredited.

      I know, sometimes the two words are listed as synonyms, but they’re really not! For something or someone to be discredited just means that a theory or individual has had harm done to its reputation or the respect of its peers.

    • No, no, he’s right. It hasn’t been discredited. It was never due any credit in the first place.
      I’m sure Yahweh, Quetzalcoatl and the Flying Spaghetti Monster will all back me up on this.

    • Saying that science discredits things makes no sense. Science and religion are actually compatible. The main problem is that you can’t do science if you believe what you are told.
      If you think like a scientist, you dont need proof against something supernatural; the fact that there is none for it and people still believe it makes it a delusion.

      • the problem being, far too many ‘scientists’ don’t understand that, and continue to take as given things that were ‘proved’ by saying ‘hey if this is true, then maybe that is too’ …even after ‘this’ is proved false.
        there are some questions that science literally can not answer because they would require proving a negative.
        the existence of God is a perfect example, it IS possible to prove God exists, all you have to do is ask him and get an answer once, and you’ve proved he exists, but no matter how many times you ask and get no answer, you can’t prove it’s because there isn’t one, ‘he just doesn’t want to talk to you’ or ‘you just aren’t listening’ are still on the table, and until you can take them off, you can’t prove anything.
        also, note that while I said it is possible, I never said it has been. I believe it to be true, but that doesn’t mean I can prove it.
        note this is grossly oversimplified, but it makes the point.

  2. If a soul is the thing that experiences reality, giving it to Ozy would prevent her from enjoying the cupcake. Unless she was talking about one of her hind paw pads.

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