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More originals!

While cleaning out the garage, I found another stack of strips at the bottom of a box filled with unrelated stuff. They’re from 2007 and 2008, including Millie’s dream countdown and the Zen Party presidential debate storyline. If you’ve wanted the original art of a strip from that period, you may want to have a look through the archive to… Read more →


Due to a few interrelated issues — mainly WordPress security updates, and ComicPress being abandoned and replaced by Comics Easel — I had to do a quick hack-and-slash update on the site. All the strips are still there, but the storyline and calendar archives aren’t currently available. Sorry about that. Read more →

Look! A book!

My friends at Andrews McMeel Publishing will do anything to make me happy, apparently. Or maybe they just think “Ozy and Millie” is good! One way or the other, tomorrow, August 28, a new “Ozy and Millie” book will be out, available wherever books are to be found. It’s full color, and the same format as the “Phoebe and Her… Read more →

GoComics welcomes Ozy and Millie!

It was originally suggested by Universal Press Syndicate honcho and excellent dude John Glynn, over pancakes, in December. John: “You know, we could put Ozy and Millie on gocomics.” Me: “Dude!” So, I’m posting selected Ozy and Millie reruns there, five days a week. Go, and subscribe, and enjoy!¬† Read more →