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New hosting, comment issues

Hi, folks. Just letting you know that I just completed moving the site to new hosting. This will hopefully add a bit more reliability once I get the kinks worked out. I have dealt with a large backlog of comments from first-time commenters (these go in the moderation queue, which I hadn’t checked in a while.) Due to the timing… Read more →

More strip originals for sale

Hey, folks. Just wanted to note that I catalogued another stack of strip originals; many strips from July, August, September, and October 1999 are now available for sale. Individual strip pages have information about whether the strip is available and the condition of the original. See the “purchasing artwork” page for details on how to buy. Read more →

Site trouble

Hey, folks. As some of you may have noticed, there have been periods lately when the front page of the site and the comic archive list pages have been blank. I’m working on fixing this, but the problem is intermittent and seems to have a “debugging allergy” — as often as not it goes away as soon as I set… Read more →

Mind the gaps

With the help of a devoted and extremely methodical fan, I’ve restored many missing strips to the archives.  (Thanks, Ambrus!)  These were mostly lost in the shuffle when we migrated to the new site. So if you were reading the archives and found yourself just dying to know how the story of Stephan and Stephanie ended up…now you can find out!… Read more →


The 2012 Ozy and Millie calendar is out! It’s the first calendar I’ve done since 2009. It’s also, if I do say so myself, the best I’ve ever done, artistically. Adding some more designs to the Ozy and Millie store as well, what with the holidays coming up. Go take a look. Read more →