Look! A book!

My friends at Andrews McMeel Publishing will do anything to make me happy, apparently. Or maybe they just think “Ozy and Millie” is good!

One way or the other, tomorrow, August 28, a new “Ozy and Millie” book will be out, available wherever books are to be found.

It’s full color, and the same format as the “Phoebe and Her Unicorn” books. I chose strips that I thought would be a good introduction to the strip and what it is for new readers, but I hope longtime readers will have just as much fun with these. I had fun collecting them–I actually laughed out loud, rereading these. Good job, young me!

  3 comments for “Look! A book!

  1. 5 years since your last comm and my RSS reader just picked this up. Glad to see you’re still doing well.

    I going to forward this to a couple of my in-laws. I’ve showed them one of my favorite strips (2000-12-29) and they enjoyed your work.

  2. I may have to look into this for nostalgic reasons 😉
    Is there a book with every, single strip? Probably not I guess…;)
    Wishful thinking.

    Yeah I’m a sap.

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