9 comments for “North Harbordale, you say!

    • Dana’s actually currently working on developing a strip for Universal Press Syndicate, which should start appearing online early next year. Watch her blog at http://inkandwhitespace.com/ for updates.

      BTW, if you ever decide you want more originals, I’m now handling selling them for her and it should go much easier now. I’m still in the process of cataloging them all, though, so I don’t have a complete inventory yet.

    • The school where Ozy & Millie attended was named North Harbordale. The place the boy in the comic is going is … (wait for it) … North Harbordale.

      & if Novil, above, is who I think he is then we can expect more Ozy & Millie references in Sandra & Woo sometime in the future.

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