7 comments for “Tails, by popular demand

  1. Well, as an artist myself, I can see why you wanted to do that. The old merchandise was good while it lasted, and I’ve grown to love what I could get my hands on while I had the chance.

  2. Huh. I really like this design, actually. I remember it from Millie’s “best dream countdown” thing, if I’m correct.

  3. Glad this one made it back. It’s so simple, yet fits so well. Ozy and Millie are something like Yin and Yan themselves. They balance each other so well too.

  4. Picture it, this symbol spins in the middle of the screen, and splits in half, revealing Ozy and Millie hiding behind each others tails. They do some backflips in the air as their tails shrink to be properly proportioned to their bodies, then they drop to the ground.

    If the strip is adapted into a T.V. series, thats how I picture the first few seconds of the title sequence.

      • There has (as far as I know) been only one noticeable animation based on an Ozy and Millie strip a while back. Sadly, no more animations of other strips have come up, although just as PahU got picked up by Nickelodeon, this one hopefully does too. If not, guess I should start learning.

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