20 comments for “Well? How much do you love it?

  1. Hehe, very nice. Millie looks great here.
    I forget, have the tables ever been turned and Millie shaved at any point?

  2. Yep! Happens 2006, I think. She tries to stop him from losing his hair to the “curse”, but ends up stressing out and loosing her’s instead.

  3. Oh lord, Ozy is so skinny. 😮 It’s funny how he looks like a Chihuahua when he gets his fur shaved. XD Ozy, you need to hide that thing from Millie.

  4. Yeah, I love the characters and all, and of course Millie’s expression is adorable (in a devilish way) but… I can’t help but have my eyes drawn back to ozy. Mainly, the apparent extreme case of malnourishment. Maybe it’s just me, though. Idk.

    Anyways, Just wanted to say, love the comic, and I really do like this pic.

  5. To be honest, DC, I kinda liked the older comic designs. This art is great, but I am a firm believer that the less lines that are used, the better.

  6. I like the pic very much. Still i think that the arm reflection in the mirror could be better now it’s unaturally thin. Never the less great work, had the pleasure to discover your comic a year ago and i read all the content rather quick. Defenetlly one of the best internet comics i had the pleasure to read so far. Big thanks it reading and watching the strips brought me much fun. (Sorry for the linguistic errors, english is not my natural language :P)

  7. I notice that bullying is an issue that comes up a lot in your comics, especially Ozy and Millie. I worked for years in public schools and I have seen first-hand how badly children who are different in any way can be bullied and how schools themselves will often do little about bullying. Was bullying something you experienced when you were a child? If so, do you feel like your work speaks to those, including children, who have experienced bullying too?

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