Mind the gaps

With the help of a devoted and extremely methodical fan, I’ve restored many missing strips to the archives.  (Thanks, Ambrus!)  These were mostly lost in the shuffle when we migrated to the new site.

So if you were reading the archives and found yourself just dying to know how the story of Stephan and Stephanie ended up…now you can find out!


  5 comments for “Mind the gaps

  1. All it takes is someone crazy enough to read them all in one day. If I recall, I think I did that one day…may or may have not been this strip though, but then again, I’m sure I’d do it anyway if I wanted. >_>

    • Well, I did that with Kevin and Kell, I read 15 years of webcomics in 2 days, those were hilarious days indeed.
      I wasn’t with so much free time when I was reading O&M, so it took me about a week to finish. I think that those were the days I laughed the most in my life haha.

  2. What happened to all the merchandise at the store on cafepress? When you switched to the new sight most of them dissapeared.

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