New content? Maybe

Something people seem to be eager to know: is the new look of the site an indication of new comics to come?

The answer is, not immediately, but it’s a possibility.

I do have artwork to share, and long-term I’ve got a serious urge to do some multipage, color Ozy and Millie stuff.

I don’t really know when that’ll happen, but it might end up looking a little something like this sample page I did a few months ago:

  13 comments for “New content? Maybe

  1. Haha, so great to see them again.
    Their “new” looks makes me feel even sorrier for poor Ozy, but…
    He survived going through it for about 10 times on his life, he will be fine.
    Kinda makes you think he would be used to it already.

  2. Wow, Ozy is unfairly cute in the last panel. Also, life changes a lot… Ozy has a grey hatband/flea collar!

  3. Eh… a reference to #112? (it’s darn obvious)

    I like new stuff. I really really hope there will be new stuff.

    • A guy can’t decide to wear a slightly diferent hat? For all you know, he’s been wearing the grey one in all non-color strips.

  4. I like this style a lot! It differentiates Ozy and Millie’s faces more, and Millie’s expressions are priceless! I will live in patient Zen hope of more.

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