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  1. Ha, I saw this on FA yesterday I guess.
    Although I haven’t actually seen the show itself, all I’ve heard and seen about it already made me a fan of it.
    Seeing Pony O&M was pretty much unexpected to me, made my brain stop for a moment, before bursting in laughs.

    By the way, I think that pony Millie would definitely be the best and the worst thing that could ever happen on Equestria, both at the same time. But I know that it would also be VERY, VEEERY funny too.

  2. That’s okay, we can just call you Sissy instead, 😛

    But in all honesty, not really a bad thing. It grabbed me as well, but just because of the comedic factor to it. Twilight getting Looney Tune’d by Derpy had me rolling the first time I saw it.

  3. Ahh, don’t worry. Brony is widely recognized as a gender neutral term.

    There’s some move to use ‘pegasister’, but… do we have to cloak everything in gender roles?

    • Neutral sadly on the internet typically defaults to being male. It’s disconcerting to some of us that our identity is being erased by the ‘brony’ term. I’m flip flop on my opinion. Pegasisters is quite a fun term though.

  4. Looks to be in the same style as MLP, but while still keeping your own style. Been wondering when this would happen. Nicely done.

  5. Yeah. I’ve been seeing this particular bug spreading all over the place. even among some of my friends. Goes to figure.

  6. Girls are bronies, too. All the girls I know are, at least. Or else. Generally I see “brony” to mean “adult fan of the show,” rather than “male adult fan of the show.” The girls I know don’t like the “pegasister,” because it seems more forced. But then I’ve never seen “bro” as gender-specific.

  7. Strange — most of the girls that I’ve known WAY prefer to be called a Brony over a pegasister or something. But to each their own. Glad you’ve joined the herd 🙂

  8. Just remember to keep Millie far, far away from Pinkie Pie. The world would never recover from having BOTH there.

  9. He’s Ozy. The only question I have is whether or not there’s a unicorn’s horn hiding under that hat.

  10. From the voices of Chaos (Discord) and Harmony (Twilight Sparkle) girls are Bronies too (some prefer “Pegasisters” 😛 See “Let’s Go Meet the Bronies” on YouTube) “Brony” is just applied to anyone who is not a girl between the ages 5-12.

    Love the artwork. What software do you use?

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